Tuesday, July 12, 2005

First rant

Canada is a rich country. Why then, is it so difficult to afford shelter? This question came to me as I was staring, in dismay, at the prices for Greater Vancouver. Everyone knows the real estate market is up, markedly so, and most people take this in their stride, as if it was akin to a natural event, on the level of, say, a thunderstorm or a sudden onset of frost. I think ther are two main positions to take here: one, is to let the market play its course, set the price according to demand and supply. The other is to have some sort of intervention in the market, to make housing more affordable for normal people. Before yyou start muttering, 'socialism' and rolling your eyes in disgust, let me say that I'm speaking of government support for private ownership, not some kind of of a scheme where people pay low rents in apartment buildings erected by the state. I agree with the old thought that a society in which the people have a stake, in which they own something, is a more stable commonwealth. So my proposal is to have the governmnt intervene on behalf of private ownership, but of a kind that is spread widely, not the kind that favours a few select companies, or a group of people that have shared drinks with the politicians.
and that's the way I see it...

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Lilith said...

Love your tag line.