Monday, July 18, 2005

King Kong movie

I went to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday and was subjected to a barrage of ads and previews which i had no choice but to take. One of them was about the upcoming King Kong movie, done by hobbit director Peter Jackson. It was at this point that a thought struck me: as you know, King Kong is this huge ape that lives on an isolated island. you may have heard of the discovery of the so-called 'hobbit man' ( on the island of Flores. At that time, people talked of the 'island effect'; what happens is that mammals caught off on an island tend to become smaller over time. This would imply, then, that King Kong and the other oversized critters on that mysterious island would have been smaller than their cousins on the mainland. In truth, you would have had an island populated by pigmy gorillas and diminutive dinosaurs, hardly the kind of beasts that could make hardened Americans cry and reach for their guns. Leave it to Hollywood to blow something out of proportion :)

to return to my opening discontent: I propose every moviegoer enter the theater 10 minutes late. Let's boycott these greedy bastards. I mean, it's not enough that they hiked up the price of the tickets, they also want to make more and more and more (the law of unchecked greed: if unchecked, greed will weed).

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