Friday, January 11, 2008

The Liberals Should Wait to the Fall to Force an Election

Dion is going to try to equate the Conservatives and Republicans. That being the case, it is clear that the fall is the best time to go. The Liberals should try to force an election as close to the US election as possible without coming after. They could then piggyback on what the Democrats are saying. Moreover, by having the two elections closer together you will give Canadians a sense that they can really stick it to Bush by voting down his Canadian surrogate. Of course, I said the same thing back in 2004.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Marc Emery Case: Liberal Cowardice Conservative Collusion

It is a crime to sell marijuana seeds in Canada; that is why Emery can be shipped off to the States to face charges. People have been charged with such a crime in Canada before and one person, Ian Hunter, was even convicted in 2000. Hunter was ordered to pay $200. Under US law Emery is facing a minimum of 10 years and could get life.

The other thing that makes it possible for the US to request that he be set down is that despite the fact that Emery has paid over a half a million in taxes for what he told revenue Canada was "selling marijuana seeds" he has not been charged under Canadian law. If he was facing charges in Canada and no one doubts that he is guilty of such a crime, he can not be extradited to the States. That is why various activists have been trying force the government to charge him under Canadian law. They employ an argument many conservatives like to employ. If Emery did the crime, he should pay the $200 fine.

As for the money laundering charges, they are a joke. One only lauders money to disguise one's ill gotten gains, Emery has never disguised the amount of money comming in and where he has gotten it. As already mentioned, he told revenue Canada he made the money "selling marijuana seeds". If that is not enough, giving money to various marijuana legalization campaigns could only ever be money if Emery got all or part of the "laundered" money back. Emery never got any “laundered” money back. The money laudering charges are not going to stick.

Stephane Dion is willing to stand up to Omar Khadar, but is unwilling to lift a finger to prevent Canadian from being extradited to the US to face a minimum of 10 years for a crime that has been not been prosecuted in Canada for 7 years and that only ever warranted a $200 fine. This is typical Liberal bad faith. Naturally the Conservatives are over joyed. When “activist” judges are unwilling to hand down no more than a $200 fine and activist cops are unwilling to arrest seed sellers, rendition to the US is apparently a live option. The Canadian justice system be damned.