Friday, June 29, 2007

The Liberal Party Has Run Out of Ideas

The Liberals have run out of ideas. They are literally letting themselves be defined by the Conservatives, albeit negatively. What does mean be Liberal these days? According to the Liberal brass it means supporting Martin’s monstrously ill-conceived Atlantic Accord, opposing a tax on income trusts that they wanted to impose themselves but lacked the guts and it means demanding that the government meet the Kyoto targets that they privately admit the government has no hope of meeting. The party is even borrowing slogans from the NDP. To wit: “We Bringing results to the People.”



Anonymous said...

I totally agree and with people like Hall findlay..gerard kennedy and bobass rae running things..what do we expect....they dont know their ass from a hole in the is truly unbelievable the things that dion comes out with..I have lost faith in the liberals..They let these cons come out with lies and do nothing ..the same as when martin was in power...they didnot back him up ...he did not back himself up...these sponsership guys that ran this scheme were conservatives from mulroney and no one blasts it out...I give up...gramps

Anonymous said...

If ANY party has run out of ideas, it's the Conservatives. One thing I've noticed about this government, is that they make a point out of taking their weakest points and patting themselves on the backs like they've got control of the situation. Harper "unifying" Canada for example. Give me a break.
Enough with the partisan crap from the right. Grow up.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

They all need a long summer's break.

Anonymous said...

Uggh. As a Liberal I reluctantly agree. If I understand Kyoto correctly Canada needs to be 10% below 1990 levels by 2012 (ie in 5 years). We are already above 1990 levels by what? 30%? Good luck. That being said Harper should quit giving mixed messages on Kyoto.

The idea that traditionally-poorer, yet increasingly oil rich provinces should be allowed to retain their equalization payments even if they lift them above the fiscal capacity of Ontario has no moral basis. That being said Harper shouldn't have made promises he couldnt keep.

Also there may have been a better policy option to deal with income trusts but SOMETHING needed to be done and the Liberals offered nothing.

Its quite disappointing to watch. Where is the bold initiative?

SouthernOntarioan said...

Actually the Kyoto Accord requires the AVERAGE emissions between 2008-2012 to be 6% below the 1990 levels.

Since we are now (in 2007) 35% above 1990 levels it would mean that we would have to implement a cut of about 40% in one year and hold it steady for the 4 year period.

Otherwise we have to implement a much larger cut.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. Apparently we are stuck on stupid. No new ideas. Even our new blood is retreaded, except Mr. Trudeau. Even then I guess the Cons could make an argument of same old.

Whether we want to admit or not Mr. Harper has run rings around Mr. Dion.

We will never recover as a viable choice for governance unless we first admit our own shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives were responsible for the sponsership scandel? Wow! You've been smokin too much legalized weed. Did you ever ask yourself; If conservatives were the ones that were running this scheme why was it that the liberal party was the big beneficiary. Come on, when you make comments like that you make yourself look very unintelligent. Its clear that Martin knew what was going on and did nothing. Since he was the big Quebec liberal at the time didn't he or anybody in the liberal party wonder where all this money was coming from?

Anonymous said...

what I said was it was a crooked conservative Guite and his friends that started the ball running....Was Mr.Guite not a member of great conservative party....Liberals dont think like crooks...they would not have started it.

Koby said...

Yes the Conservatives seem to have run out of ideas too, but they are in a much better position. They are still leading in most polls and are raising way more money. Besides, just because the Conservatives are in the same boat hardly excuses what has happened with the Liberals.

As I said back in Feb. I will say again. The Liberal party's aversion to controversy has carried over into its time in opposition. They have continued to come up with middle of the road, offend no one, please no one, interest no one, policies that are utterly incoherent at their core because they are designed to appeal to both sides of any political divide. Not rocking the boat is a sound strategy when one is in power and ahead in the polls. However, it makes no sense whatsoever when one is behind in the polls, in opposition and running neck and neck with the NDP in fund raising terms. Indeed, what made such a strategy so appealing before, viz., the lack of attention such policies garnered, is what makes them so unappealing now.