Thursday, November 22, 2007

Many Americans Can not Afford Fruits and Veggies

This is depressing. I wonder what the numbers are like for Canada. Anyway, this should give personal responsibility crowd food for thought. The problem is more complex that saying that people should get more excersize and eat more fruits and veggies. That takes time and money and that is luxury many of the poor do not have.


Anonymous said...

But they all have enough money for potato chips and powdered mashed potatoes which cost an awful lot more than plain old potatoes. Sorry i dont buy it.

Fred Bracken said...

Canadians dont even have any money to buy a koran to flush down the toilet.

That's too bad.

Koby said...

Fred, white Power, Bracken. I hope you were a good boy this week. That is, did you tell everyone that the Conservative party's values are your values. Santa is comming. You do not want to disapoint.

Oh Yes let them eat "powdered mashed potatoes". God luck convincing anyone outside of an old folks home to eat instant potatoes, which by the way contain nothing in the way of nutritional value.