Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dion is a Liability: the Liberals must have new Leader come Jan 27th

Politically, Dion is the most inept leader in the history of the Liberal party. He is a liability. In English, he is terrible in an attack and even worse in defense. If Harper is successful in proroguing parliament, the Liberals should be looking to replace him for that reason alone. However there is more to it than just that. Having a lame duck leader for 6 plus months was always a terrible idea. Have a lame duck Prime Minister would be 100 times worse. I almost do not care how the Liberals go about choosing their next leader at this point. The important thing is that Dion is gone come January 27th.

Besides dumping Dion and actually mounting a coherent defense against the Conservative onslaught, the Liberals need to address the elephant in the living room. They can pretend that Harper’s threat to cut public funding for political parties was not what precipitated all of this, but no one is buying it. Someone at some level has to address this issue. It should be a relatively easy case to make. After all, one can argue all one likes about the merits of public funding. I happen to think it justified. However, the fact of the matter is that without public funding this time around several parties would be facing bankruptcy. In other words, what Harper said amounted to a threat to legislate various parties out of existence.


Anonymous said...

Get with the program ... you're exactly the sort of Liberal supporter the CONS want. Why not go on Mike Duffy Live and help continue the current government's reign!!

Anonymous said...

From a Conservative supporter's perspective ...

This Blog is absolutely right. Do yourselves a favour and get your leadership straightened out before trying to take control of the government.

This has disaster D-I-O-N written all over it.

VW said...

"you're exactly the sort of Liberal supporter the CONS want."

Actually, this is the sort of supporter that the Liberals NEED.

Anonymous said...

Last night showed the difference between two leaders...Mr.Harper smirking and grinning with no apologies to anyone and he is the cause of this uproar...and then the quiet man...who bungles his tape and its delivery because he does not use a pile of money to press his points....harper liar cheat...dion ..honesty integrity and caring for Canada not for power....there is no one to take Dions place at this moment in time...the three running are losers...Mr.Iggy has shown his harper spots during this crisis and all he cares about is becoming p.m...Leblanc is nothing to me and Rae is a pain in the ass. Layton is doing a good job for his party and Gilles is great...remember in the HOuse it is the Bloc that brings up all the help for poor seniors and people who have lost their jobs...Mr.Harper only helps seniors with money...liberals.ndp and bloc help the poor ones .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:42am I find your take on the current scene INSPIRATIONAL.

I was quite disheartened by Dion's tape and presentation last night but you made me see it in a different light. Thank you! Great perspective!

. Harper is our disaster. SO LET'S BE CREATIVE with the CC.

D. by the lake in Toronto

Anonymous said...

The Liberals don't want Dion. Why on earth would you try to foist him on the rest of Canada. He is a laughable disaster. There is no way Canada can function with him at the helm. God help us all if this coalition goes through. If it does, the Libs won't see many votes in the future.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals and NDp will have a coalition in the next election called the off the Press.

Anonymous said...

I've got CBC on and just checked the posts here.
You know it would be kind of ahmm BRAVE..
to give our names if we say controversial comments about Dion doncha think?! Otherwise, kids.. .

So, I'm the Anonymous D by the lake

Daria S. who supported Iggy for the last leadership race.