Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gang Land Shootings

The Conservative get tough on crime approach is idiotic.

There is no evidence that the prospect of death or prison deters the gang members in anyway. Indeed, as many gang members live in the same location and are from similar ethnic backgrounds, getting "tough on crime" only serves to make things worse by helping foster gang culture. Moreover in so far as long jail sentences mean that such ex cons have no choice to turn to criminality as a means of economic survival, the drug trade becomes centered in these areas. If at a certain point in time a critical mass of community members acquire a criminal record, the chance of weeding out the drug trade and the violence there becomes very unlikely. As is the case with many Mexican, the US, and Brazilian inner cities and suburbs, the risk is that various Canadian suburbs and inner cities will be lost to the drug war.

Legalize marijuana. Money from the illegal drug trade is life blood of gang culture it is also at bottom the main reason they killing each other. They are fighting for larger share of the market.

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Anonymous said...

Yup legalize everything and there won't be any crimes at all. Any moonbat agrees with that.