Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mike Green Should Make the Team

If Green is left off the team, Yzerman will prove himself to be as bad as Gretzky. Green has 38 points, was nominated for Norris last year, and is plus 15. People say his Defense is lacking, put he is every bit as good in his own end as Dan Boyle and is better offensively. Oh yeah and Niedermayer is -13.

The pundits are biased towards older players -- particularly the grind it out type. Unfortunately, in the past so was management. This has to change if Canada is avoid another 2006 debacle. Ryan Smyth, for example, does not deserve to be on the team. It is that simple. When you compare his skill level to emerging players such as Stamkos, and Toews and his stats over the last few years to more established players such E. Staal and Lecavailer you see clearly that he does not measure up. Team Canada managment can not afford to be nostalgic.


rob said...

Agreed on all points. If Green doesn't make the team, I'm going to go nuts.

However, I'm not sure Stamkos is ready, and Staal isn't having much of a year. Like you, I would still take either of them over Smyth. I would put Doan in the same category as Smyth.

Koby said...

Staal is off to horrid start. Still based on his skill level and what he has done over the last few years he has to be on the team. Besides he is starting to round into shape. He had 5 points last night.