Thursday, June 17, 2010

Canadians GM on Crack: Halak to the Blues

Montreal Canadians' GM Pierre Gauthier is on crack. He must not have watched Halak almost single handedly beat the Caps and Penguins. Gauthier traded Montreal's playoff hero to the Blues for pucket of pucks and a beer.,249277


Volkov said...

First and only time I've agreed with you.

This is a very, very bad decision on the part of the Habs.

ottlib said...

The Habs have cap issues.

Halak is probably demanding a salary in the $3-4 million range. The Habs could sign Price and a veteren to mentor him for about the same price or maybe less. This way they can focus on signing Pleks and others on the team and still stay under the cap.

Goalies rarely fetch top skaters when they are traded, particularly ones that have only had one really good season. So, two decent prospects is probably the best he could get.

Price has shown that he can play this game at the NHL level. If he can find his form again he would put the Habs in a great position.