Sunday, June 29, 2014

Idle no More: the Supreme court is the biggest threat to BCs economy: it is time to fight back

The Supreme court of Canada is now one of the biggest threats to the Canadian economy and is certainly the biggest threat to the BC’s economy. It is time to fight back the only way possible. It is time politicize judicial appointments and judicial decision making.    Billions upon billions of dollars are at state. No longer can Canadians stand idly by as idiot judges give one ethnic group control of the country’s resources. Judges with a predilection for idiocy must be made objects of scorn and a heavy political cost must be attached to political parties that appoint such judges to positions of power. Immune from the savages of politics for too long every word, every foible and every indiscretion must used to against them.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious in wanting to politicize the Supreme Court? If you are, you are just doing Harper's bidding as that is what he wants. An independent judiciary is one thing that Canadians are proud of and one thing that makes Americans jealous of Canada. With regards to the decision that you refer to, the court has said that companies and government must consult with and if possible, secure agreements with Natives to cross those lands. It does not and will not stifle the economy like you suggest. Many experts in law are not saying what you are saying so I would strongly suggest you tone down your language. All you have to do is look to the US and look at how their Supreme Court has changed the US political situation with regards to the USSC's Citizen's United ruling which effectively made Corporations people too. How can you justify a decision like that which allows billionaires and mega-corporations to spend billions of dollars in congressional and presidential campaigns. If you are a true progressive you would NEVER ever say that the Canadian Supreme Court be politicized.

Koby said...

First of all, do not think for a second that Supreme Court is the last thing standing behind us and Harper opening the floodgates to corporate money. Harper has the power and due course will exercise it. There is no indication that the Supreme Court would lift a finger to stop him. Second, while corporations will eventually adjust, a massive hole in the BC budget has just been created. Resource money that now flows to the government will instead flow to the bands. Third, I do not know who you can describe Canada’s Supreme as being a source of pride when it seems hell bent on giving common goods over to one ethnic group and worse, this case, other “nations”. In this sense the Supreme court is more than annoyance it is existential threat and such needs to be dealt with harshly and immediately.

Anonymous said...

The other "nations" as you put is also a part of Canada. So either we as Canadians offer Natives government subsidies or some profit from resources. Furthermore, very little resource money actually goes to the government and the huge majority of that resource income is kept by Industry. Government needs to legislate that the vast majority of the resource royalties actually go to the people (government) and not industry. You talk about Harper having all the power which I add he will until the next election whenever it is, but everything that Harper has legislated or intends to legislate has been or will be found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Harper tried to put someone on the court that would side with Harper, but the court found that appointment to be completely unqualified and when Harper tried to legislate changes to make that appointment legal, those changes were found to be unconstitutional.

I have no problem with Natives getting a share of the royalties from the resources if it will help them rise up out of poverty and help those people to become active positive contributers to society.

In addition, there is another positive to this ruling if it so happens the way you fear. That is that Natives are much more cognizant of the importance of protecting the Natural Environment for future generations. With regards to the proposed Northern Gateway, this could possibly kill that project thereby protecting vast swaths of Natural habitat from potential oil spills. Remember, Enbridge still has not cleaned up the oil spill in the Kalamazoo River in Michigan and it happened years ago. If these companies cannot clean up their messes years after the fact, then perhaps its best that such pipelines are not built. Remember, Northern Gateway is not just one pipeline, but a twin. One will be to send fluid to Alberta from Kitimat and the other then will then send the tar sand oil with that fluid back to Kitimat. The oil that is going to be sent out is actually a solid and not a liquid.

For your information, I have talked to many people who are proud of our judicial system being independent. I have also talked to many Americans and they are all envious of our judicial system, and even more envious and jealous that our Supreme Court is not politicized.

I'm sorry, but I do not think that this decision is what you make of it and it definitely will be not be such an existential threat as you make it out to be. In fact, your reaction is like a typical right wing neo-con freakout over a court decision that does not go their way. Furthermore, from your comments, I would honestly say that you sound a touch racist as well. If you continue on this freakout, then you honestly are not progressive as no other progressive is speaking out or freaking out over this decision.

Koby said...

“Furthermore, very little resource money actually goes to the government and the huge majority of that resource income is kept by Industry.”

Yes Canada is not Norway. We do not have a trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund like Norway does. It was started in 1990 and is made up of oil profits and profits from the investment of oil profits. That is not because we have less natural resources than Norway. Indeed we have more resources of all kinds and that includes oil. No it because since 1982, resources have been under control of the provinces and they have done remarkably poor job of managing them . That said, however bad a job the provinces have done in that regard a large chunk of government revenues still come from natural resources. In BC it is around 10%. In Alberta 35% and Sask 25%. But let me put that into perspective for you. What BC gets from natural resource royalties is equivalent to what is spent for Post Secondary education and is a little less than what is spend on K-12 education. Got it now.

“That is that Natives are much more cognizant of the importance of protecting the Natural Environment for future generations.”

What essentialist nonsense.

“With regards to the proposed Northern Gateway, this could possibly kill that project thereby protecting vast swaths of Natural habitat from potential oil spills.”

It possible that could kill the project and it possible that various native bands might decide they want 100 pipelines and there is nothing we could about it. What you and I think is not relevant anymore. You did not think of that did you?

"The other "nations" as you put is also a part of Canada."

You would think. However, if you listen to the 8 morons, they are part of kind Canada but separate at the same time. It is kinda like a holy trinity thing. According their scholastic reasoning because various native bands never ceded their land to crown and so in a bizarre kind way great swaths of BC do not belong to Canada the way that Ontario does. Who knows maybe will we will soon need a passport to visit Williams Lake area.

Anonymous said...

Koby, where is your honor? Is it your practise of making commitments and benefiting from those commitments, but when it comes to honouring your word, it doesn't mean anything? Come on, let us reason together for a better economy and a stronger Canada.

Koby said...

Self righteous one, suppose Rupert's land handover was discovered not to be valid for technical reasons and thus never legally ceded to the Crown. I guess you would deem it necessary for Canada to hand the land back to Hudson's bay.

Anonymous said...

I am with Koby. The only way we can have a proper justice system is for the judges to ignore the law and simply do what Koby wants them to do.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - that would be me. Gayle. Not the first anonymous.