Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is Dion another Paul Martin?

Under Trudeau, the Liberals had personality, a sense of purpose, swagger and youthful vigor. Under Chrétien, the Liberals also had personality but under his leadership the Liberals lacked the other three. Under Martin, the Liberals lacked all 4. Under Dion, the Liberals have to establish that their leader is not the second coming of Paul Martin. So far they are not doing a very good job. Outside of what has come dangerously close to sermonizing on the environment, the Liberals have continued to come up with middle of the road, offend no one, please no one, interest no one, policies that are utterly incoherent at their core because they are designed to appeal to both sides of any political divide. And then there is Denis Coderre and other living embodiments of everything the population hates about politicians.

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