Thursday, May 03, 2007

Liberal stupidity and the Doan affair

“Liberal Leader Stephane Dion admitted that the government shouldn't interfere with Hockey Canada decisions, but called the Tories' silence on the issue 'shocking.'”

No Stephane, what is “shocking” is how politically inept the Liberals have repeatedly proved to be. Adjectives such as “shocking” should be used sparingly and should only used to describe things that are truly shocking. There are political consequences to calling a lit candle a fire. The political consequences of hyperbole aside, the Conservatives are in the midst of a major political scandal and it is unforgivable that you decided to distract the media’s attention and for no good reason. Indeed, the issue in question is bound to be hopelessly unpopular outside of Quebec, is over two years old and the Shane Doan was cleared of the allegations in question anyway.

"The National Hockey League's investigation clearly shows that that was stated, but it also clearly shows that they felt that it wasn't Shane Doan."
Worst of all, the Shane Doan affair reinforces the perception that the Liberals are a bunch of easily offended nitpicky, opportunistic, shrill, huffy, strictly by the book, do gooders who are constantly going on about Canada’s many “obligations”. No wonder the Conservatives raised 10 times the amount the Liberals did in the first quarter of this year. The Dion Liberals have no street credibility and Dion seems to want to become the anti Trudeau. "Fuddle Duddle".


Matt B said...

Agreed, now stop shouting the sky is falling everytime "Dion's Liberals" make a mistake. They're street cred is not shot, otherwise Harper would have a majority or we'd be in the middle of a campaign on the way to giving him a majority.

I don't want or expect the Liblogs to have the same cult of worship, slavish obedience where Harper can do no wrong, but for fucksakes pause and consider your choice of words (especially the title) when criticizing your own party. Common sense.

Why don't you start a discussion about something important like how the Liberals can raise cash? Seems to me like that's one of the most important things on the agenda atm.

Anonymous said...

Free speech and honest opinion are not allowed here. We must not let anyone know that even us Liberals think Dion is a joke.

Now get out there and cheer!

Give me a D!

Koby said...

If things were going swimmingly, I would not feel the need to call attention to these mistakes. However, things are not going swimmingly. Liberal support has stalled, the fund raising numbers are pathetic and Stephane Dion is neither well known, or liked But for the Globe and Mail, Al Gore, and Conservatives three stooges act, the Liberals would be on the verge of fighting an election campaign that they would surely loose and badly. The party needs to smarten up and stop making these dumb mistakes.

“Why don't you start a discussion about something important like how the Liberals can raise cash? Seems to me like that's one of the most important things on the agenda atm.”

The Liberals are not going to be able to create a grass roots level of support by being middle of the road, safe, and deferential and by allowing the Denise Coderre to ramble on about Shane Doan and Dan McTeague 50 cent. In order to inspire, they are not only going to have to set out an ambitious agenda they are going to have to create image a party brass that is willing to take chances, and that is willing get ahead of the courts and public opinion.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you sign up an post your crap on blogging tories.
We're Liberals. We don't take principled stands.

Matt b

Just be patient and the envelopes of cash will be flowing soon enough. Maybe a little will come your way if you stop agreeing will these kinds of posts (pick you restaurant)

Koby said...


Scanning the blogging Tory posts this afternoon I see plenty of flat earth people questioning the reality of global warming, but I do not see one post lamenting the Conservatives handling of the detainee crisis. Are Conservatives so divorced from reality that they do not care when their own party repeatedly is shown to be either lying or grossly ill-informed?

Stephen Harper yesterday “This is based on nothing more than a handful of unsubstantiated allegations from Taliban prisoners and I think, quite frankly, it has detracted unnecessarily from the good work Canadian men and women are doing in the field in Afghanistan under dangerous circumstances,”

Sworn testimony from one Capitan Noonan: The Globe and Mail today “But court documents, including a transcript of Col. Noonan's cross-examination earlier this week, filed in Federal Court, reveal that a prisoner captured by Canadian troops was abused by the Afghans.
Col. Noonan swore in his affidavit that the Canadian military learned that the detainee had been beaten by the local ANP, the Afghan national police. “When we learned of this, they approached the local ANP and requested that the detainee be given to them.”
The Afghans turned the prisoner over to the Canadians who then gave him to provincial Afghan police authorities.
The Ottawa Citizen reported that when Amnesty lawyer Paul Champ tried to get more details on the incident when it happened, what injuries were sustained, whether the Afghan police were charged federal lawyer J. Sanderson Graham curtailed questioning of the incident citing national security interests.
“It threatens Canada's national security to know when the Canadian Forces observed local Afghan national police beating a detainee that they transferred to that unit?” Mr. Champ asked.
“We object to any questions on this incident generally,” Mr. Graham replied.
Col. Noonan also cited a case last year in which the Afghan National Army wanted to take custody of a detainee capture by Canadian troops and “were overheard, by an interpreter, to be contemplating the execution of the detainee.” He said a Canadian soldier intervened and held the detainee until he could be transferred to the NDS, Afghanistan's intelligence service.”

As for the your implication that lib blog members slavishly toe the Liberal line, how many have spoken out on the Doan affair? By my count 8 or 9. And how many have backed the position of Liberal Denise, court jester, Coderre? 1. Calgary Grit, Fuddle Duddle, myself, Nobleton Clear, Cerberus, Deliberative Dialogue, The Liberal View from Quebec all think it is a mistake. Now name one issue where the Blogging Tories have come down solidly against anything the Tories have done? I will need proof by the way too. To get you started and to save you the time having to look up the meaning of the word “proof” I have supplied you with the definition of the word. Proof “conclusive evidence: evidence or an argument that serves to establish a fact or the truth of something.”

Anonymous said...

smack down

Anonymous said...

Coderre is a dipshit