Thursday, March 12, 2009

Liberal Blog Report Cards: Red Tory: Far and Wide: Calgary Grit and A BCer in Toronto

Far and wide Steve V is fair, industrious and thoughtful. He is also a loyal team player. Ralph Gooddale meet your blogging doopelganger

Calgary Grit A Good humored and cheeky political junkie. He is about as unalarming as a committed partisan can be. If you have a hate on for Grit, you should look into anger management.

Red Tory A very well read and prolific iconoclast and polemicist, Red is my favorite Liberal blogger.

A BCer in Toronto Jeff Jedrasis is too willing to the toe the party line for my liking. However, Jeff is industrious and his blog has improved over the years. Both Steve and Jeff are solid citizens of the blogging world in boring Canadian sort of way.


Anonymous said...

Red Tory A very well read and prolific iconoclast and polemicist, Red is my favorite Liberal blogger...
You have been smoking to much of that stuff you want legalized..
So you agree with this fool, that demeaning someone who has a disability, bullying the disabled online is ok?
martin reyner blogs for awards, he thrives on back pattings and cookies, and if you become more popular than him, beware...

penlan said...

Go away lib4ever. You just had to hide behind an "anonymous" didn't you? But no problem using someone else's real name in your comment. You are an assinine fool. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

My comments.

Steve V loves to analyze polls. More of a loyal team player now that Iggy is at the helm. Was critical of Dion when he was running the party to the ground.

Calgary Grit -- Dan is Western Canadian with a love for Trudeau (Pierre and Justin). As objective as you can be as a political blogger.

BCer - Jedras is objective. Will tell you what it is. His sentiments echoes the grassroots more often than not.

Others I would like to comment.

Scott's DiaTribes - Scott is still a committed Liberal. More on the left of the party. Heart is definitely in the right place, with regards to political sentiments.

Queer Liberal - The closest to Andrew Sullivan in Canadian Grit blogosphere. Was a Grit insider in Queen's Park who knows the machinations of power. A beacon for political reform if there is one in the establishment party.

Liberal Arts and Minds - knb has the passion for politics and would love to see the end of the Conservative reign. Her commitment to the party is without doubt. If there is a cheerleader for the Grits, it is her.

These are my favourite Grit bloggers. All a necessary read and keeps the Liberal blogroll alive each day.

calgarygrit said...

Thanks for the positive review!

Steve V said...

Thanks Koby.