Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Liberals are much Better Positioned than they where last year

The Liberal numbers are not up significantly over what they were last year. However, it is obvious that they are in a much better place. Their fundraising numbers are up, they are strong second in Quebec, Ignatieff's personal numbers are much better than Dion's everywhere, it almost unimaginable that Ignatieff could fair any worse than Dion in English Canada, and Ignatieff is striking just the right tone of late. He is mocking the Conservatives bully boy tactics. As I said before, the way to handle a bully is to mock the bully. The absolute worst thing you can do take it personally and that is what Dion did. This drove me around the bend.

Even the Liberal blogsphere is coming around. Gone are the days when BCer in Toronto was lauding Dion for keeping it clean and wasting valuable resources on sunshine and butterfly ads that did nothing but confirm the Liberals are a bunch of effeminate wimps. "Grit girl" is making the rounds. Confirming that if you do not have the comedic skills of a John Stewart or a bunch of Quebec artists, all you need to do for an ad to be effective is juxtapose truth and lies. Commentary and lead up are at best a waste of space and at worst a distraction. Just the facts are needed.

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Anonymous said...

I miss Dion.