Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Strange Encouter was a Fashion Fascist

On Sunday I rented a tuxedo. I am going to wedding. A woman was doing the fitting for me. She first gave me a 48 jacket. It was snug in the shoulders and so she gave me a 50 to try on. This did fit in shoulders. However, the 48 was much too big in the waist and 50 was just ridiculous. The head cheese was watching all of this and I could tell he was not pleased. He said I really needed to try on a 46 or smaller. I told him the 48 was snug, but he was persistent. So I tried on a 46 to appease him. Remember I am the one renting the tuxedo. Anyway, the thing was as tight as wet suit. The woman that was helping me earlier was trying to see if there was any slake in the arms. There was not any. It fit like a muscle shirt. The guy said "this is better". I decided then that enough was enough. I said no it not better. I can not move. I did not want to be in the same position as the bride, viz, having to have someone assist me just so could get in and out of my jacket. So we compromised on the 48, but only after I acknowledged in, get this, writing that 48 was too big in the waist. He was similarly displeased with the shirt. It was roomy to say the least, but by this time his assistant was tried of being treated like she did not have a clue and said in response to his queries about a smaller size that "nothing else fit him in the neck. The top button would not do up." That shut him up.

All and all it was strangest retail experience I have ever had. Now, note to any Tuxedo makers who might be reading this. In defense of the fashion fascist, not every guy wearing a larger jacket size is big in the waist. Indeed, considering that majority of guys who rent these things are probably no older than their early 30s, I would say they might actually be in the majority. A moo moo is not a good look.

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WesternGrit said...

How much did you pay for the "nazi rental"? There are tailors who will make a nice suite for around $600 - and you get to keep it. I had a "tuxedo cut" black suit tailored at Venice Tailors in Regina a few years ago. It looks great formal, or otherwise. I get a lot of wear out of it. Fits like a glove - but a properly fitted glove (with breathing room), and is better material and fit than any Hugo Boss, Jones NY, or other "off the rack" suit I've owned. Lost a few pounds a few years ago, and simply had it taken in at the waist.

I suffer from the same "wide-neck/shoulders syndrome" that you do. I need to either alter the heck out of "off the rack", or look like I'm wearing something borrowed. I'm a 46 "regular", but hand-tailored fits a lot better. Give it a try.

There is also a suit maker online, which makes "bespoke" suits for $399 US, and is very well known.

- (my personal favorite)

Tailored suits are the mark of true elegance. Off-the-rack are simply "retail" versions of the real thing (even if they carry a "BOSS"/"Armani", etc. label).

Try one of these - you'll be glad you did. I have used my black dinner jacket at many a wedding and special occasion. It is priceless - and I only paid $600 for it... I would have rented many a cheap (and used) tuxedo for much, much, MUCH more...

Just say "No" to "Suit Nazis"...