Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It is time for Mike Gillis to Go

In the summer of 2008 Mike Gillis offered Sundin 20 million for two seasons. It was good thing that Sundin said no and only agreed to a half a year deal in the second half season. The Canucks would have had to blow up their team in order to get under the salary cap had he signed on for two.

Yesterday Gillis did something just as rash. Gillis traded away one of the finalists for rookie of the year for a guy that has done nothing at the NHL level and a D man who has been a healthy scratch for last 6 games. To say this is strange move for a team looking to win this year would be an understatement. The notion that guy with 7 nhl points in 28 NHL games is somehow going to put them over the top is ridiculous. Equally silly is the notion that Paulson can somehow fill Hodgson's shoes. Pahlsson is well past it. With the deal, the Canucks went from having 3 solid lines to having 2. Any line centred by any one of Pahlsson, Malhotra, and Lapierre is going to be limited offensively.

Yes, Gillis has made some good moves. Samuelsson and Hamhuis signing were good moves and Ehrhoff trade was a stroke of genius. He has also did well to lock up Kelser, Sedin and Burrows for what could said be less than market value. However, the Canucks are in large measure a team built by Nonis and Burke and whatever positives Gillis has done need to be weighed against the stupidity of the Sundin offer, the Ballard trade, the Luongo contract and now the Hodgson trade. It time for Gillis to go.

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