Friday, May 31, 2013

Was Nigel Wright Reimbursed?

Was Nigel Wright reimbursed for the money he gave Mike Duffy? If so, where did money come from?


Anonymous said...

Good question. Has he ever beaten a puppy? What about pornography? Does he download alot of it?
Wright did a decent thing, but, lets keep throwin stuff at him and call ourselves progressives.
I really cant see Conservatives acting any differently in this matter if they were in opposition, but, its a pretty good example why people dont care about politics and why large percentage of woman refuse to get involved. Duffy deserves what he's getting, he's a blowhard and a Con bully, all Wright did was help a friend out with a traceable personal cheque, no bags of cash, no secret meetings, just helping a buddy out.
Duffy deserves this, the PM deserves this for appointing him, but, not Wright.

Koby said...

I suppose you believe in unicorns too.

There was zero evidence that Wright and Duffy were ever buddies and vast majority of people do not give $90,000 to "blow hard" acquaintances.