Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Moron Mike Gillis Strikes Again

Some Gillis apologists have said that the Canucks did not loose much by trading one star goalie and keeping the other. The problem is that Luongo is no star goalie. He is above average at best and average at worst. This partly explains the lack of interest in him in the trade market. He has the 28th best save percentage last year and 12th best the year before. Once more when staked up against Schneider his numbers simply do not compare. Schneider's save percentage was 21 points better than Lou's this year and 18 the year before. Lou has always had his flaws. He is a terrible shoot out goalie.

2013 .643
2011-2012 .595
2010-2011 .538
2009-2010 643

By comparison, this is how Lundqvist's numbers break down.

2013 .760
2011-2012 .720
2010-2011 .848
2009-2010 682

He is terrible at handling the puck. And he is vulnerable on the rap around. Above all else, Luongo has tendency to melt down in ways that other so called top goalies simply do not do. These flaws still exist and Lou's skills are eroding fast enough such that they will only become all the glaring in the future.

As for trading a stud goalie for the 9th overall pick, a 20 year history of 9th overall picks reveals who truly stupid that is.

1989 John Marshall D: Best season 11 points 67 career points
1990 John Slaney D: Best season 17 points 91 career points
1991 Patrick Poulin F: Best season 51 points 235 career points
1992 Robert Petrovicky F: Best season 17 points 65 career points
1993 Todd Harvey F: Best season 31 points 223 career points
1994 Brett Lindros F: Best season 4 points 7 career points
1995 Klye Mclaren F: Best season 25 points 207 career points
1996 Ruslan Salei D: Best season 32 points 204 career points
1997 Nick Boynton D: Best season 30 points 144 career points
1998 Michael Rupp D: Best season 19 points 98 career points
1999 Jamie Lundmark F: Best season 19 points 99 career points
2000 Brent Krahn G: Played one period
2001 Tumo Ruutu F: Best season 57 points 299 career points
2002 Peter Takicek F: Played 3 games did not record a point
2003 Dion Phanuef D: Best season 60 points 340 career points
2004 Ladislav Smid D: Best season 15 points 59 career points
2005 Brandon Lee D: Best season 8 points 36 career points
2006 James Sheppard F: Best season 24 points 53 career points
2007 Logan Colture F: Best season 65 points 167 career points
2008 Josh Bailey F: Best season 35 points 139 career points
2009 Jared Cowan D: Best season 17 points 18 career points

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