Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lower the Supreme Court retirement age to 65

In light of the Tsilhqut decision, it clear that something needs to be done about the Supreme Court. Billions upon billions of dollars are at state. No longer can Canadians stand idly by as idiot judges give one ethnic group control of the country’s resources. In the long term that will mean that the Supreme Court needs to be politicized. Judges with a predilection for idiocy must be made objects of scorn and a heavy political cost must be attached to political parties that appoint such judges to positions of power. In short term though, something needs to be done about the existing court and that will require doing something much more far more drastic. The only way of getting rid of majority of the existing court is lower the retirement age to 65. With that 7 of 9 would be gone.

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