Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stephen Harper and Adrian Peterson on Spanking -- with "spanking sticks" and "switchs"

Stephen Harper 

"Yet the most recent Liberal Throne Speech, as part of its "children's agenda," hinted at more government interference in the family. We saw the capacity for this abuse of power in the events that took place in Aylmer, Ont. Children there were seized for no reason other than the state disagreed with the religious views of their parents. No conservative can support this kind of intrusion, and conservatives have an obligation to speak forcefully against such acts."

The judge ruled in the Aylmer case that spanking the kids with a metal "spanking stick" went well beyond the use of "reasonable force" and that Children's Aid Society had every right to intervene; the parents claims to the contrary were "sheer nonsense". "No community, or society, could reasonably agree with the concept that a parent who sexually abuses or physically mistreats a child should be entitled to give his/her consent to the interviewing, or examination of the child by a member of a Children's Aid Society."

The Conservative party has vowed in the past to stop such activist judges and Children's Aid Societies from interfering again.  2005 Policy Declaration: "The Conservative party believes in the right and duty of parents to raise their own children responsibly according to their own beliefs. We belief that no person, government or agency has the right to interfere in that process accept though due process of law."

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