Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Fraser Institute and Sun Media will help the Liberals if ..

If the Liberals promise to legalize marijuana, they will be able to define Harper in a matter that is favorable to them. What is more, the Fraser Institute, Canwest, Sun Media and Macleans will help!


petroom said...

Huh? Do please explain.

Anonymous said...

That is probably the most environmentally friendly policy the Liberals will produce in the last decade and a half.

The Liberals supporting small scale enterprise over large corporations. That's sustainable growth to me.

Koby said...

The Fraser Institute supports legalization.

There are numerous editorials and columns calling for marijuana legalization in various Canwest papers (e.g., the Vancouver Sun)

Vancouver Sun: "By developing a national office on drug policy and a national strategy on drugs, Canada could gather and disseminate the effects of these novel approaches to drug use. In concert with the many European nations that are taking similar steps, Canada could take a leading role in prompting discussion about alternatives to marijuana prohibition.

The U.S. might well remain intransigent, but as the international community harnesses and distributes more and more evidence about the harm caused by the war on marijuana, some nations might feel empowered to consider marijuana legalization and regulation on a trial basis. Should such trials prove successful, other countries would likely follow.

All of this must begin, though, with a commitment from Ottawa to develop a national drug strategy, and to communicate the results of its work to the world. The world is not losing the war on marijuana: It's a war we've already lost. Canada can help to unify the globe in its efforts to minimize the harms caused not only by drugs, but by drug laws."

Good god, National Post is pro legalization : "Marijuana is not addictive, nor generally criminogenic. And while studies have linked long-term pot use to cardiovascular impairments and decreased cognitive function, the threat to human health is minuscule compared with that posed by alcohol and tobacco -- as well as, for that matter, fast food, motorcycles, double-diamond ski trails and unprotected sex. The simple truth is that the war on drugs is far more deadly than drugs themselves. As has been noted elsewhere, the number of officers who died on Thursday exceeded -- by four -- the total number of people known to medical science to have died from a marijuana overdose, ever.

This brings us to the marijuana reform legislation being considered by our government. We have argued in this space before that marijuana should be legalized, and that it should become a government-regulated substance like alcohol and tobacco. Because these latter substances are legal, there is little attraction for criminals -- since they cannot earn the enormous premiums associated with contraband.

Serial Liberal bashers Sun Media, do not seem opposed and neither is ultra conservative Macleans.

Reviews of Vancouver Sun columnist Ian Mulgrew's book Bud Inc. give some indication of the media consensus.

Edmonton Journal: "An articulate and coherent argument for legalizing a drug that is not only harmless ... but of significant medical value."

Maclean's: "An eye-opening account of the nation's most valuable agricultural product ... and a convincing argument for its legalization."

“Bud Inc. virtually overflows with interesting players: growers, activists, smugglers, dealers and a few demons, as well…. A fascinating read … [Mulgrew] makes arguments that need to be heard and acted upon.”

–Winnipeg Free Press