Saturday, March 24, 2007

Great News, Tom Wappel will not run!

Wappel is not running for the Liberals next election

For the same reasons that a believer in flat earth and alien abduction should run for the Liberal party, a person who believes that homosexuality is morally wrong and that personhood begins at conception should not run for the Liberal party. It does not matter that a large percentage of the population holds these views. For a position to be mainstream it has to have more than a wide body of support. The fact, for example, that a huge % of the population believe in ghosts does not make such a believe mainstream. For a position to be mainstream it has to have some intellectual weight and the aforementioned beliefs have none. Wappel held that homosexuality is morally wrong and that personhood begins at conception and these two positions in large part defined his career.

As the Wappels of the world leave the Liberal party, one can only hope that the party will do more to live up to its name in the future. Wappel is not only an embarrassment, but he and the other social cons in the party are real barrier to progress, particularly within the context of a minority government.

Social cons Wappel, Steckle and Bloc founder Lapierre are all not running for the Liberals and the Liberal party is all the better for it.


Anonymous said...

good riddence.

Dauphin said...

Mr. Wappel was one of the few principled members of the Liberal caucus. His stand on abortion is completely justified and I deeply respect it. Despite what you may think, no party 'owns' morality. Good people in the Liberal party are certainly permitted to stand for what is right and just. I, for one, will miss Mr. Wappel.

Koby said...

someone from flat earth. welcome.

"Mr. Wappel was one of the few principled members of the Liberal caucus."

good one.

"In 2001, Wappel snubbed an 81-year-old blind and partially deaf constituent who had asked for support in his struggle to get unpaid benefits for wartime service, implying he knew that the veteran had voted for another candidate during the 2000 election."

what on earth does "owning" morality mean?

Dauphin said...

I never argued that Mr. Wappel was perfect, only that he had taken a respectable stand on a particular issue.

By 'owning morality', I mean that in saying no one of conscience on the issue of abortion belongs in the Liberal party, you imply that they belong only with the Tories. I disagree. No party owns morality.

Koby said...

No you called him principled which is precisely what Mr. Wappel is not. As for the abortion debate, the whole debate is centered around the issue of personhood. It is a very complex issue indeed. Mr. Wappel ignores the whole debate and supports a position that intelligent people on both sides of the debate regard as being completely devoid of substance.

As for what I implied, I certainly did not imply what you think I implied. Keep to the text.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you are gloating over Mr. Wappel's decison to not run in the next Federal election. I personally know him and he is a principled and honourable man who has given good service the Liberal party and his constituents. Has the Liberal party become “SO” intolerant that it is no longer willing to tolerate members who have opposing views?

Koby said...

You can not believe it. Do you live in bubble? Wappel is hands down the least popular Liberal MP. Just take a moment and scan through some of the blogs here. I am not the only one that is happy about Wappel’s leaving. Calgary Grit, A BCer in Toronto, Miles Lunn, to name but a few, share my opinion of Wappel. Of course, opposition to Wappel goes well beyond the blogsephere. Read what the media is saying. Wappel was a pariah living of the avails of Liberal success in the Toronto area. He we will forever be remember for his dealings with an 81 year old vet and the fact that he stood in opposition to virtually every policy on the social policy front the Liberals ever stood for.

As for Wappel’s views on homosexuality and personhood at conception, I do not have the time of day for people who claim the earth is flat and the moon made of cheese either. I am also not alone in this regard. In educated society, Wappel’s views are universally panned. You are simply delusional if you think that just because Wappel holds this or that view that it is by that fact alone worthy of discussion and consideration. Indeed, the only thing noteworthy about positions that Wappel held near and dear is that he as public figure held such exotic views. Wake up and introduce yourself to the new century.

Owen in Ottawa said...

I would take Wappel over Dion anywhere anyplace.

Anonymous said...

Wow real life Wappel supporters.

Anonymous said...


As I said before Tom Wappel supporters are welcome to join Harper's Blue Brigade. I am surprised that the PM did not get him to cross the floor like Wajid. Gives the CPC a foothold in Scarborough and the 416 region.

Oh I forgot. Wappel divorced his wife?!!!! He is not moral enough to serve in Harper's caucus?!!! Thus the end of a flaky political career.