Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Liberal Fundraising or Lack there of.

“OTTAWA–Special Liberal fundraising events have so far failed to put much of a dent in the almost $4 million in debts racked up by 11 former leadership contenders.
The first event in Halifax two weeks ago – a cocktail reception featuring Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and six of his erstwhile rivals – attracted about 60 people who paid $250 each. After expenses, however, party insiders say the event netted only about $5,400.
The spoils were divvied up equally among the seven former leadership contenders who participated, leaving each with about $750. Insiders with several camps say the event didn't make enough to cover even airfare to Halifax for some candidates, much less help retire their combined debt of $3.6 million.”

Wine and cheese are not putting a dent in Liberal debt. Who knew?

The Liberals are no longer in power and the prospects of regaining power look grim. So, it should not surprise Liberal higher ups that movers and shakers accross the land are not willing to shell out big bucks to bend Dion’s ear yet alone the ears of those below him, but alas, the Liberal party higher ups just do not get it. For years the Liberals have relied on money from people hell bent on shaping Liberal policy to their specifications. However, times have changed and if the Liberals want to raise money they are going to have actually work to attract people to the party. As I said before, above everything else, that means the Liberals will have to undergo a period of ideological renewal. Canadians need to be able to answer this question; what does it mean to be a Liberal? Right now, they have not a clue.


scottie said...

Who is running Dion,and advising him?... are they bereft of good ideas?
Dion is not in the media much, nationally it takes a few days, after the fact, before we hear about anything, if at all. Whoever is looking after this , either does not care or they are not too much on his side.

Anonymous said...

New ideas are being developped and hopefully somebody will listen.
Instead of bitching, I suggest we get off our asses and organize our own fundraisers.
I am sure they will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure this one out. When I saw the first article prior to this meeting (without a calculator handy), I could see a few dozen people people paying $250 / piece wasn't exactly going to produce into a major money-making event.

If it was just to show unity in all the former leadership rivals, who cares? I don't mean that sarcastically. I'm willing to accept that they've all moved on without any special showing of such, and I think that's the last thing the public needs to hear in any detail. They have more important - and life-impacting - things on their minds.

I am hoping the meeting and any others like it are a chance to vet new ideas and policies AND to begin building a comprehensive network of real fund-raising, perhaps by getting these folks involved in on-going fund-raising efforts or building networks to reach out to others to contribute.

I would have been more encouraged if the Liberals interviewed had said as much, rather than explaining these were some type of "off the cuff" practice sessions.

My instinctive response to that is that people know what a fundraising event is so please stop practicing and start effecting the real thing. No really, PLEASE move on to the main event. Elections take cash; I think your supporters will understand.

I tend to be fairly optimistic, but I think the elephant in the room that is beginning to make some noise is the fact that there to date does not seem to be a real plan to raise funds in the quantity that will be needed to fight future election battles.

Private initiative is fine, but a clear fundraising goal and a strategy / infrastructure to meet it with measurable milestones needs to be set by the Liberal leadership soon. Because just having friendly chats for a handful of dollars will not cut it in future election cycles.

That's how I see it anyway.

Anonymous said...
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Koby said...

>>>> New ideas are being developped and hopefully somebody will listen. Instead of bitching, I suggest we get off our asses and organize our own fundraisers.

I have heard that before. The proof will be in the pudding. Besides, my point is that the Liberals can fund raise all they want. Until, they develop a bunch of policies that inspires, they are not going to make a dent. You have put the cart before the horse.