Monday, July 16, 2007

Toronto Star doing the Drug Czar's bidding

The associated press allowed the following highly dubious assertions made up U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy and Sterling Heights Police Chief David Vinson to go unchallenged.

“This is not your dad's marijuana,” Vinson said. “It has 10 times the THC content of normal marijuana.”

“Murphy said the hydroponically-grown marijuana is chemically supercharged and comparable to cocaine in its effects and its ability to fetch up to $6,000 per pound.”

By reprinting the associated press article, the Toronto Star disseminated the lies developed by US officials about the dangers of “potent pot”.

What is the problem with the above? Well, the legend of potent pot is mere Drug Czar myth. Yes some of today’s marijuana is more potent than "dad’s" but to claim that it is 10 more potent that dad’s is patently absurd.

Furthermore, even if we assume that potent pot is a reality it is certainly nothing to be concerned about. Indeed, saying that potent pot is reason for keeping marijuana illegal is akin to saying that alcohol should be banned because gin has higher alcohol content than beer. It makes no sense. The pharmacological affects of consuming 1 “chemically supercharged” joint versus x number of your “dad’s marijuana” joints would be no different if the amount of THC consumed is the same. As for consumption, just as people do not drink the same volume of gin as beer, the higher the THC level in pot the less people consume. Hence, ironically more potent pot may be a welcome development. After all, one of the most prominent health effect related to marijuana, if not the most, is that it is usually smoked. The more potent the pot, the less people have to smoke to achieve the same high.

All that being said, if potency is the concern, then it should be legalized. As would be Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay has noted, the only way to regulate the potency of pot is to legalize it. Moreover, so long as the drug is illegal, producers will seek to increase potency. The higher the potency the smaller the package the smaller the package the less likely they will get caught.

“Murphy said the hydroponically-grown marijuana is chemically supercharged and comparable to cocaine in its effects”

I wish someone would ask Murphy if he believes there are marijuana whores the same way there are "crack whores"? If he says yes, oh how I will rejoice. It will keep me laughing for years. I might even think of turning what he said into a bumper sticker.

As Liberal senator and former Vancouver major Larry Campbell rightly noted., "This is not a drug that causes criminality,'

"We don't see marijuana users going around beating and robbing people. They don't fit the criminal profile but there's a criminal stigma attached that means people can't get into the States."


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