Monday, April 28, 2008

Conservative Out and Out In and Out Lies

1) The Conservatives claimed not have a copy of the warrant and then magically released the warrant they did not have to the selected media types before the warrant was released.

2) Although the Conservatives say they are only suing elections Canada for the 700,000 plus in rebates they are entitled to, one of the purposes of the suit is disguise the fact that 11 Conservative MPs and 6 failed Conservative candidates received $421,731.88 in rebates.

3) Some of the ads had no tag lines. So all the noise the Conservatives are making about what separates a national ad from a local ad is the tag line is a red herring.

4) Pierre Poilievre admitted that the Conservatives altered invoices. On Politics with Don Newman, Poilievre likened to situation to a party receiving a bill at a restaurant that is not separated into individual bills. What the Conservatives did he says was they teased out what each candidate owed, GST and all. Why Leblanc did not call him on this I do not know. It was not a “good analogy”. If I wanted to receive a tax deduction, it would be bad enough if I tried submit some scribbling on napkin as proof I had lunch at such and such a place. If I want to deduct it, I need to ask the server to print me off my own bill. This would not be a problem for an Earls server nor would it have been a problem for Retail Media. However, it would be damn right criminal if I faked the restaurants bill, letterhead and all, and presented this as the real thing and that is what the Conservatives did in at least one case. In number of other cases they submitted “invoices” that contained the same spelling mistake.

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islandgirl said...

How can I find out the name of the six failed candidates who received rebates? I ask this as our candidate received $65000 from the conservative party in 2 deposits on Dec 13 and 19 and appears to have returned $20000. to the cons party on the 19th. He has not been named as one participating in the scheme.