Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stephen Taylor's aburd contention that the NRA champion Civil Rights

Look Stephen even in the US no one speaks about gun control as a civil rights issue. Whether it be the Civil Rights Act or what have you. Furthermore, “civil rights” are spoken of as having transcended national boundaries. They are part of the common heritage of the West. The Second amendment, however, is unique to the US. We in Canada do not have anything like it.

>>>> You falsely infer equivalency.

Really. Let me quote your own words back to you. “Heston is dwarfed by MLK as a civil rights leader, but a civil rights leader the NRA leader still was”

What would you put him on the same level as a Philip Randolph?

It is perverse to liken the fight to be able to drink from the same water fountain and the fight to be able to pack heat. But not only do you make such a perverse comparison you demand others make it as well. According to you, Canadian news agencies, and again there is no right to bare arms in this country, should accept the premises of the Michigan Militia, that gun laws are as discriminatory as Jim Crow.

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