Monday, October 20, 2008

Dion Going but alas Not Gone

The good news is that Dion is leaving. The bad news is he is not gone yet. Another 6 months of near incomprehensible sound bits and tactical errors awaits us. I am giddy with excitement. At least the leadership race will generate publicity and the candidates will be able to take some shots at Harper.


Anonymous said...

Is Dion really going?

Perhaps he is looking for an opportunity to force an election. With confidence in himself fully in tact, another five or six months before the budget for Canadians to get to know him better and the possibility of a tough budget for 09/10, Dion is giving himself one last shot at electoral success.

And with Dion there, as opposed to an interim leader, the Tories can insert a poison pill into that budget and not be accused of thwarting democracy by fighting an unprepared opposition.

Another vote in the Spring!

Koby said...

Yep. The same thought occured to me.

Dion seems to be looking forward to the budget. He said it is going to be a "mess".

Babylonian777 said...

I have heard that also, and as a conservative (please don't accuse me of B.S.'ing to instigate $hit), he scares me. I think he has garnered sympathy from the electorate, he has learned a thing or two, he has more humility, and he has a taste for blood.

I suspect Iggy and Rae won't allow it to happen though.