Sunday, October 05, 2008

What needs to be done to Save the Furniture

1) Keep Dion in Quebec and tell him to speak French and only French. I do not want to see him speaking English on any news clips. Every time Dion is heard on English speaking television or quoted in an English speaking news paper, the Liberals loose votes.

2) When attacking the Conservatives in English, have Ignatieff or Rae do it.

3) Go after the female vote. God knows they have lost men. Stress that the Conservative Daycare plan has not produced a single daycare spot.

4) Bring up social issues. As I said thousand times before, this is the Conservatives Achilles Heel.

5) Layton has described Dion as "A man of principle and conviction”, and May has also said similar things about Dion: That being the case, why the hell are the Liberals not using these quotes?


Anonymous said...

Or .... we could keep doing what we are doing and win: (See Nanos)

Koby said...

I saw that; that is three not bad polls in a row and Decima has the Cons down too. The question is what is happening with the Liberal vote; are the other guys right or is Nanos. All seem to show the Con support going down.