Saturday, October 18, 2008

It is Simple; Canadians Do not like Dion

Dionistas, as Mound of sound refers to them, seem not have heard of Occam's razor. Shaving away the sometimes paranoid stab in the back conspiracy theories, the most plausible explanation for why the Liberal vote was down 944,350 outside of Quebec is also the simplest and most straightforward. Canadians do not like Dion or his policies, particularly his green shift.
The sooner Dion goes, the better.


Anonymous said...

the Conservatives must be scared sh*tless over Dion - they have denounced and smeered him with Million $$ ads since he was elected leader of the Liberal party.

BTW An Absolute (2/3) Majority
did not vote for the Conservatives
or Harper - how does that spell democracy- the Canadian electoral situation is PERVERSE

And not the people but Parliament elects the Prime minister and that hurdle can prove to be too high - hopefully

catherine said...

Too simplistic. Few Canadians "like" Harper and yet he won a hefty minority. Many Canadians consider Dion to be decent and honest and open. By contrast, they don't feel Harper is open with them and they don't trust him.

Yes, many Canadians had very serious doubts about Dion as leader and about carbon taxes. These were both the central themes of sustained attacks and neither Dion nor the LPC advertising/marketing were able to overcome these.

Anonymous said...

I think the word "hate" and "don't like" is much to strong. They don't hate Dion. They just don't see him as a leader.

Hate is used far too much since Harper's been on the scene.

Dion isn't a bad person, or nasty or anything else that causes hate.

I haven't met one person that doesn't like Dion - they just don't see him as leadership material - big differnce.

I suggest you start using a different term.

me dere robert said...

Alright so you get rid of Dion. What happens next? Think it through and let me know.

You must be thinking it through for a long time.. still waiting for my answer.

Cliff said...

While I am obviously not a lefty, the rationalization of trying to blame everything on Dion is simply not fair, nor is it a realization that the problems are much deeper then just a leader.
The problems in the liberal party started decades ago...with the old Chretien / Turner wars...and Cretiens refusal to accept that he had lost fair and square...these battles continued through the Cretien years with the Matin Cretien battles.
To compound this the Chretien governmant was inept and corrupt with many its policies...Adsam, HRDC boondoggle and the gun registry to name just a few. Promises and Red Books were simply an electon items...never menat to be implemented...this leaves lasting memories....
While many Liberals like to point to the slagging of the deficit, any economist will point to the Revision of the tax system (GST) and free trade as the corner stones of the deficit reduction...both policies that the Liberals opposed. The Liberal won maorities during the Cretien years with smaller percentages of the popular vote simply because the Conservatives were divided.
Now...I guess the final point is that the Liberal party has been the party of the corporate elite for way too, I realize this will draw jeers from the liblogs, but the fact of the matter is that the proof is in the fund raising numbers, when the corporate money was taken out of the equation...the liberal money dried up...
To simply blame this on Dion is not to recognize the FACTS...the problems are deep, the organization is now shallow, to solve a problem...any has to look at the root of the causes. I think all concerned will be better off if there is a deep soul searching...and not just isolated blame...just a little food for thought....
As in all parties / organizations / businesses...sometimes we have to step back and really get to the root of our problems...I would suggest the same here...the problem is much more complex then simply Dion, and only a true soul searching will get to its deep roots....

Austin said...

Projection on your part.

Sad, really...


Anonymous said...

If the LPC dumps Dion I predict a massive uprising at the grassroots level which will leave the Grits floundering for six to eight years.

Dion is a known commodity now, if he uses his time and opportunity in the house of commons wisely come next election he will be in good shape to win.

wilson said...

Dion lost the federal election because Liberals far and wide did not accept his win of the Liberal leadership.
Blame yourselves and Iggy and Rae (with the help of msm and 'liberal sources and insiders) for continuing the behind the scenes leadership race, even during the federal election.

''An Absolute (2/3) Majority
did not vote for the Conservatives''

Cons won 143 seats PLUS came in second in 95 ridings.
You want PR with Cons winning 77% of the 308 seats in first and second place....sounds good to me!!