Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are the Liberals worth supporting?

Lost in all the excitement about the Liberals moving up in the polls are questions about the Liberal party itself. Are the Liberals worth supporting? These days it seems to me that the only redeeming feature about the Liberals are that they are not Conservatives.


Anonymous said...

You absolutely nailed it.

Anonymous said...

You certainly are not looking at the whole picture. Harper is bit by bit trying to dismantle our institutions, privatize everything, etc.

It's not just the economy, crime package, et al - it's about what he's trying to do to Canada.

I find it rather shallow to just look at a couple of policies.

Anonymous said...

What institutions would those be?

The billion dollar a year sinkhole we call the CBC?

The ever so effective sinkhole we call the gun registry?

Good riddance to bad trash.

Anonymous said...

Here is how seriously Iggy takes his decision whether or not to support Harper's fiscal update...

"So I'm going to look at the report tonight if I get a minute and tomorrow, and then we'll make a decision."

If I get a minute?!? Just WOW! I guess the probation is over...Iggy is just too busy to take this all seriously.

What a posturing, spineless creep.

Maybe he should go back to Harvard and let's give Rae a least he has the proven ability to make time for important issues.