Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If Phil Fontaine, Why not Bernard Landry et al too?

"Wooed by federal political parties and corporate Canada, Assembly of First Nations national Chief Phil Fontaine is contemplating leaving the native organization, forgoing a run for a fourth term, a close friend says.
The federal Liberal and NDP parties have both asked Fontaine to run in the next federal election,"

In related news Liberals are courting, Bernard Landry, Lucien Bouchard, and Jacques Parizeau and using Jean Lapierre as a go between.


Dan said...

Ummm, please explain...

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you're high on something. Go back to bed.

You are a con troll and you haven't mentioned that it is Harper who has gotten a former BLOC insider to help him in Quebec.

Little oversight on your part? Deliberately?

Koby said...

I see logic was not your strong suit. Just because the Liberals flirt Quebec nationalists does not mean that the Conservatives can not do so too. Indeed, since Mulroney they have been worse --- generally much worse. As for your go back to bed comment, it is just plain weird. I posted at 8 pm and you at 5 am.

Dan I see scant difference between Lafontaine and Bouchard for example. Both argue for the collective rights of one group to the detriment of Canada as a whole. If I had to choose I would say intellectually I have far more sympathy for the cause of Quebec separatism than I do not primie facie stupid idea of native self government.