Thursday, June 04, 2009

Liberals lack all Credibility when it Comes to Crime

Even after expert witness after expert witness after witness blasted the Tory mandatory minimum for drug trafficking, the Liberals says are going to pass the bill. This proves once again when it comes to crime issues the Liberals lack all credibility. The Liberal Party is not a party that one can trust make competent decisions, to make decisions based on the best available evidence and not to pander to segments of the public. On a whole range of isssues the Liberals are no better than the Conservatives.


KC said...

Agreed. I haven't felt as vindicated in my decision to leave the Liberal Party because of Ignatieff's leadership as I do today.

Mick said...

Or we could force an election. Good plan.

KC said...

Nice diversion Mick. The bill is not a confidence motion and its defeat would not trigger an election. The Liberals didnt even try to get the Tories to back down on this one. They took it lying down.

Besides, if you ask me, drastically changing our countries approach to the war on drugs towards an extremely expensive, destructive, and futile approach is an election worthy cause. Its disappointing that the LPC has drifted so far as to not care anymore.

Anonymous said...

The party should think about having a real leadership convention in the spring of 2010 in either Toronto or Montreal, there is no other way forward. Ignatieff in my opinion is doing the party absolutely no good at all.

Dante said...

I really can't stand any of the parties right now. Treating a dealer of pot in the same way as a dealer of heroin is absolutely asinine.

Who will pay for the enforcement?
The cops are too busy busting folks for highway infractions and driving under the influence of one beer to be be able to focus on this.

Fascism is on it's way and no one sees it coming. Another reason to stay home next election. Sorry need to earn my vote this time.