Sunday, November 22, 2009

Janine Krieber

This is what Janine Krieber got right

1) Igantieff has been an unmediated disaster.

2) The rot goes well beyond Ignatieff.

3) Paul Martin was a cancer.

Now this is what she got wrong.

1) Love is blind. It is obvious to all but the two of them that Stephen Dion does not have the ability to rebuild the party. His English is not good enough. He never had the support of the caucus or even the party base. He is not engaging speaker, he is not charismatic and he comes off as a wimp. Moreover, the notion that the green shift would win the election for the Liberals was pie in sky nonsense. The Liberals actually did a nice job boiling down what the tax shift was. "Less on what you earn more on what you burn." However, the Liberals were never going to be able to explain to the public just what is "burnt" and as a result how such a shift would effect the cost of any number of goods and services. The Conservatives gave them an answer. It would be a "tax on everything". Naturally some Canadians were convinced that this was simply a tax increase in disguise. But the kicker was this. I do not care what Canadians told polling companies about climate change. No one I mean no is ever going to be excited over a tax shift. Making the central plank of his platform something that did not offer a single tangible benefit Canadians just went to show how hopeless Dion was as a politician and why he needed to be ushered out the door as soon as possible.

2) Listening to some Liberals you would think that the gun registry, NEP and SSM lost the Liberals Western Canada. Such suggestions are of course ridiculous. West of Winnipeg the Liberals were only ever strong in BC and the reason they dropped off the map in BC after the 1974 election was because of Trudeau's pandering to Quebec. Of course, pandering to Quebec was the same reason why "the West" rejected the PC party in 1993. For Janine Krieber, to suggest that the coalition with the Bloc was a good idea just goes to show how removed she is from understanding political realities in Western Canada.

3) The rot did not begin with Martin taking over. Under Martin and Chr├ętien the Liberals abandoned universality, the heart of the Liberal brand, and favored instead means tested programs. Means tested social programs do not win elections; the populace is not going to get excited about paying for a service that only a small percentage of the public can use. By turning every social program on offer into a form of welfare, the ability of the Liberals to offer anything other than tax cuts is very limited. Sure enough the Liberals, despite their vacuous rhetoric to contrary, have become virtually indistinguishable from the Conservatives on most issues.

Dion did nothing to reverse the trend. The Green shift only goes to prove that this is true. The same party that had once promised to replace the GST was now planning to reduce income taxes and introduce a regressive tax.

Worse, Dion was the first to take steps to rob the Liberals of their only remaining redeeming feature, viz., a luke warm social liberalism. People should not be confused by Dion's commitment to affirmative action and other forms of degenerate liberalism. Whether it be marijuana, euthanasia or prostitution, Dion did nothing and said next to nothing. What Dion started Ignatieff finished. Under the guise of making the Liberals competitive again in rural Canada,Ignatieff Liberals have made it clear that the Liberal party will never again to say or doing anything that might anger social conservatives.


WesternGrit said...

Good post. Like I've said in the past, "where are the cajones"? If you stop talking about some things, the view on them will slowly shift to the conservative one - no matter how much we "feel" that is wrong.

Time to grow a pair, and stand up for Liberal ideas. And that comment is directed at the whole party. Not just the powerbrokers.

Do we for one minute think that Pierre Trudeau would ever have allowed MPs to break on an issue as important as the gun registry??? Instead of helping educate people on the need for it (which most voters were behing - even as recently as a year ago), we chose to be silent, and watch the Conservatives steal our initiative.

Anonymous said...

We're lost in the desert right now. Ideas please.

Casual Observer said...

Ideas? Here's the solution:

1) Liberals must admit to themselves they are in the wilderness and nowhere near ready to govern.

2) The party must undergo a painful and necessary process of organizational renewal whereby every cog in the Liberal machine is examined, rebuilt and redefined.

3) It must reclaim the center because they've been nudged out of it by the Tories.

4) Did I mention the Liberals must suck back and stop being in a hurry to get back into government? Great time to reinvent the party in my view.