Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why the Green Shift Failed

The Liberals actually did a nice job boiling down what the tax shift was. "Less on what you earn more on what you burn." However, the Liberals were never going to be able to explain to the public just what is "burnt" and as a result how such a shift would effect the cost of any number of goods and services. The Conservatives gave them an answer. It would be a "tax on everything". Naturally some Canadians were convinced that this was simply a tax increase in disguise. But the kicker was this. I do not care what Canadians told polling companies about climate change. No one I mean no is ever going to be excited over a tax shift. Making the central plank of his platform something that did not offer a single tangible benefit Canadians just went to show how hopeless Dion was as a politician and why he needed to be ushered out the door as soon as possible.

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rabbit said...

The main reason that the Green Shift failed was the petroleum producing provinces - chiefly Alberta, Sask, B.C., and Newfoundland - would suffer a massive increase in payments and the rest of the country would not.

Whether you think such a scheme is fair or not, it's just not going to fly in today's Canada.