Thursday, November 12, 2009

Liberal Fund Raising Plea

When we were flush with cash, it was easy to poll for policy. Now that times are tight, we still poll --- more than anyone else I might add-- , but we do poll nearly enough. As result, we are essentially flying blind!!!!!!!! We do not have enough information to see which way the wind is blowing and tailor our policies to whims of public opinion. The policy cupboard is bare. Only more polling will change that.

Remember what separates us from the Conservatives is not policy. Not being able to poll for policy we have had to adopt their platform as our own well all the while voting against them in the house. No, what separates us is that they have opinions and we have none They shape opinion and events and we react to them -- well at least some of time. We have not bothered to say anything about Senate reform and the gun registry for years. Being significantly older than than those whipper snapper Conservatives MPs, we just do not have the energy. We old, tired and stuck in our ways. Help us.


Samantha said...

If you want money for the Libs, you pay for it. After reading the blogs over the last few days, there are too many commie sympathizers here.

After tearing up my party membersghip card, any donation is going to harper this time.

Koby said...

I write polemic making fun of Liberals and you take it as I do not know what.

Too funny.

By the way, please explain to me what a commie is Samantha so I laugh at you some more. I suspect you do not have a clue what a commie is. No I am sure you do not.

Samantha said...

I read a lot of blogs on Liblogs defending Bethune, a known Canadian communist. I think he did some good things in medicine but there was a sense that communism was good on a lot of blogs and I can't abide by that.

Sorry I didn't catch on that you were kidding. I've had relatives suffer under communism and the defense of it by some Liberals made me mad. If that's who's in the party, I will support someone else.