Friday, September 26, 2008

Dion Disaster: Some Hard Truths

For weeks many Liberal bloggers have been clinging to Nanos. However, Nanos has the Conservatives at 40% now and it is time that every Liberal acknowledge some hard truths.

1) The green shift a disaster.

2) Dion is a disaster.

3) The Liberal platform is mix of boring platitudes and policies that have been announced before and have not captured the imagination of the Canadian people.

4) If the Liberals stay the course, they will be wiped off the map. There is likely nothing that could stay off a Conservative majority now, but that is what makes a late hail marry worth it.

5) The Liberal ads suck. The negative ads are not specific enough and the positive ads are a complete waste of money. Go negative and do not let up.

6) If the Liberals hold the Conservatives to minority, they could dump Dion and elect Rae or Ignatieff leader and the party will survive. If the Conservatives take a majority and Rae and Ignatieff pack in, the very future of the Liberal party could be in jeopardy.


Anonymous said...

I have not said anything, but so far, I agree with you, dion is the problem, 3 french speaking leaders in a row, was also a bad idea...this man is a mess, but hopefully he will do good in the debates, it is the last bad, with chretien we had a chance to still be in power, we have martin to thank for this mess.....liberals are become the northern democrats, leave it to them to fuck it up...also about nano polls, I said it before and say it again, he is overated, and got lucky at the last election.

Office said...

Careful - Cherniak will punt you from Liblogs for heresy...

Anonymous said...

If the Tories win a majority, I actually don't think both Iggy and Rae will pack it in. One of them might - but whoever doesn't will almost certainly win the party leadership.

Steve Janke said...

** "unmitigated" not "unmediated"
** "stave off" not "stay off"
** "dispose of Dion" not "dispose Dion"
** "depose Dion" not "dispose Dion"

Good post and good analysis.

Robert said...

...also, its called a "Hail Mary," not a 'Hell Mary.'

Fwiw, I think the next Liberal Leadership contest will be between Kennedy, Rae and Ignatief, if it happens soon enough.

Anonymous said...

They said the same things about Chretient in 93...Kennedy wont be around as he wont win his seat against Cass.

Northern PoV said...

If you insist on posting on Liblogs, can you please keep your trap shut till Oct 15.
Most of us are actually still working to mitigate the mid campaign slump. Will we succeed?
You have just made it a "little bit" harder.
Or are you perhaps one of the the disgruntled "insiders" we keep hearing about? After all lazy reporters can read blogs too!

Koby said...

>>>> You have just made it a "little bit" harder.

I doubt I have any influence. After all, I have been saying for months that if the Liberals do not change course, they would be wiped off the map in BC and what do you know the Liberals are running 4th here. Dion just does not get it; he does not understand how to market a campaign, and what makes the Liberal brand strong.