Saturday, September 20, 2008

Save what you can

Stuff Dion in some room and tell him outside of the debates he is not allowed to talk English again in public. Speaking of the debates, 100% of Dion’s energies should be focused on them. Let Rae and Ignatieff do the talking from now on

Stop wasting money on useless leadership ads. Dion is unsalable. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. The Liberals must go negative. Under no circumstances can Dion be shown in an ad or his voice heard.

The Green shift is unmediated disaster. Stop talking about it.

Promise to ban hand guns. This will help them with urban women.

The election is lost. It is all about keeping Harper in minority territory. On the subject of minority, mention the prospect of a Harper majority at every chance.


Yappa said...

Dion iis super-intelligent and has a ton of cabinet experience. He's sincere. He's passionate. He radiates integrity. There is no question that he is ready to be prime minister.

He doesn't pronounce English very well. It's a handicap for him (and us). But it doesn't mean he's not a good leader. The reason he's so low in the polls is that Harper has spent millions over two years papering the homes of Canadians with anti-Dion propaganda and plastering the TV with anti-Dion ads.

I didn't support Dion in the leadership race, but I know enough about him to know that the Tory hype is totally untrue. We may be screwed, but we shouldn't give in totally to Harper's lies.

Anonymous said...

Are you 12?

Any mature adult knows that Dion is a leader, and the best leader, to lead Canada.

This post reads as if you're bitter that he won the Liberal leadership. For the sake of your anger, instead of helping Liberals put their message forth, you are bashing them.

How is it that you are able to be on Liblogs?

Anonymous said...

This is good advice.

As we say in french "on doit dsauvez les meubles"

ion has been a disaster as Leader. Liberals gave him every chance and opportunity and he has failed to deliver. He has failed to respect Party democracy and openess (especially in Quebec with Senator Payette). He has appointed far too many canddiates instead of allowing open nominations.

He has attracted too few "stars".

He has not insured that the Party was prepared for the election (funds, plane even posters and buttons!)

Let's do our best as Liberals and then move on after October 14th.

There are extremely capable MP's on our front bench who know how to seek and take advice (unlike M. Dion).

He is his own worst enemy and it is so sad to say. He had every opportunity to shine and blew it.

Tory@York said...

So anon, does that mean that roughly 80% of Canadians are not mature adults because they see Dion for what he is? Im just glad you Liberals are starting to realize, albeit a bit late, how much of a lemon you chose for a leader. Oh well, theres always the next election, which should be in about, oh, four years time. Enjoy your long stay on the sidelines.

Yappa said...

To anonymous at 12:35 -

I get comments like this on my site and they really suck. Who are you to say whether someone should be in Liblogs? People can have different ideas and still be Liberals. Leave off with the personal attacks already. --especially when you don't have the guts to say who you are.

Koby said...

All this talk about whether Dion is a leader makes about as much sense as talk about supporting the troops. All that matters right now is what the Canadian people think of him and by any objective measure it is not much. To give all the credit to the Conservatives is ridiculous. The Liberals have been stuck at 30% for years; the Liberals bore the public to tears. It was only when Canadians started paying attention to Dion and many heard him speak for the first time that the party started to tank. The more Canadians see of Dion the less the like. The Liberals need to sideline him.

DebraD said...

Dion looked pretty good on The Hour with George the other night. Don't believe everything you read. See for yourself.

Oldschool said...

Dion is probably a nice guy . . . but he is just a Professor who spent a few years in govt.
He has promissed billions of my dollars to Canucks who sit with their hands out.
The choices in this election are 3 degrees of Socialism or the Conservatives. This is a no-brainer for thinking Canadians.
Ban hand guns . . . didn't work in England, didn't work in Washington DC . . . why do you lefty clowns think it will work here? Will the criminals in Vancouver and Toronto just turn in their weapons when the liberals demand it??? Why doesn't the wacky mayor of TO just demand the criminals to surrender?
Taking guns from law-abiding citizens does not reduce crime . . . if you want to reduce crime in Canada maybe we should have Concean/carry laws like about 30 states . . . there is a lot less property crime in Arizona and Texas than in BC.

Tomm said...

I agree that the LPC is pretty much in the "save the furtniture" mode. But I disagree with you on how to do that.

Keep with the GreenShift, pound Harper as a right wing demi-god whose publicly stated "vision" for the country includes the destruction of the LPC, and use the rest of the campaign to have townhall meetings with Canadian's. Include the other leadership people so that the LPC could have two or more townhalls every night. Just explore what other people want the LPC to consider and what they need to have represented in their federal government.

Essentially begin the renewal of the LPC right now while there is media coverage, but purposely ignore the polls.

I would only refer to Harper and Layton when necessary to define them as unworthy of the mantle of longterm Canadian vision and leadership. Try to recreate the LPC mystique.

Anonymous said...

"Grown men do not need leaders."
George Orwell

Koby said...

Old Tool, I see you still have no idea what “socialism” means. Let me give you a hint. It is not a pejorative.

>>>> Taking guns from law-abiding citizens does not reduce crime .

Sure it can. The thing you fail to grasp is that law abiding citizens do commit crimes from time to time. The less guns the less suicides and the less likelihood that domestic dispute will turn into a murder. Now, if you really want to reduce gang crime on the other hand, the thing you need to do is to legalize such things as pot.

>>>> use the rest of the campaign to have townhall meetings with Canadian's.

The Liberals badly need to renew their brand, but I am not sure an election is the place to do it. I was furious that policy convention will likely be postponed. This is a party that badly needs a makeover.