Friday, January 13, 2012

Conservatives are full of it: "legal Option" was crap

Thank god the Conservatives seem to have done the right and said that all SSM conducted here are valid.

However, I see the Conservatives are still pretending that the “Legal option” put forth by the justice Department was somehow valid and that the fault all lies with the Liberals. Indeed, they are going so far as to suggest that it is only because of them that these marriages are valid today. This is chutzpah on a gigantic scale.

The legal option was

1) Unconstitutional on its face

2) Means that the government was guilty of fraud

3) That Canada does not recognize marriages of interracial couples that violated any Anti-miscegenation laws in their country of residence.

4) Did not recognize marriages that took place here and that other jurisdictions recognized.

5) Pretended that the law of domicile is a hard and fast rule even though they are fully aware that there are plenty of jurisdictions that do not recognize legally wed same sex couples as anything more than room mates.

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Fred from BC said...

Still embarrassing yourself, I see.

That's just sad. :(