Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Marijuana talking points the Liberals need to adopt

It is easy to blow massive holes in the main refer myths in a line or two.

Potent Point

1) Saying that potent pot is reason for keeping marijuana illegal is akin to saying that alcohol should be banned because gin has higher alcohol content than beer. It makes no sense.

2) If today's marijuana is truly different in kind from "dads marijuana", would it be ok to legalize "dad's marijuana", i.e., low potency pot?


There is no causation without correlation. There has been an astronomical increase in the number of pot smokers since the 1950s and no increase in the rate of schizophrenia whatsoever.

Gateway drug

Every time someone goes to buy marijuana they come into contact with criminal elements with access to other hard drugs. This is your gateway. When Holland legalized consumption and made it available in stores, heroin and cocaine use went down.

The Americans will not like it

1) I am not going to send people to jail for breaking a law Canadians do not think is just. I not going to do it.

2) It is one thing to remain silent, for example, on American foreign policy for fear of damaging trade relations. It is quite another to send someone to jail in order to placate the US.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, just about everyone misses the point on this one. The question is not wether or not pot is bad for you. The question is ... In a liberal democracy, when is it proper to coerce your own citizens? Until you answer this fundamental question, nothing else matters. Thankfully, John Stuart Mill already figured this one out already. So much so that when government bodies like the Canadian Senate looks into these things they always sound like they're paraphrasing Mill. Read "On Liberty" and then read the Canadian senate report as well as a US senate committee report drafted during the Carter years. It's all there.