Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thank god for the Young Liberals

If the Liberals were to get rid of Aboriginal people's commission, the women's commission and the Seniors commission, I would be delighted. However, I admit to having a soft spot for the Young Liberals. They are the only branch of the Liberal party purposing anything remotely liberal. They are a welcome respite from the stifling temperamental conservatism that is draining the Liberal party of all life. Without the Young Liberals, most Liberal conventions would be completely devoid of any policy worth discussing.

This time around the Young Liberals are calling for the Monarchy to be abolished and marijuana to be legalized.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful! The old farts of this country don't deserve any kind of consideration for raising 21 century thinking individuals whom you admire. That's why the Liberal Party is in such a mess ...with friends like you who the heck needs enemies...huh?