Thursday, May 05, 2011

It is time to redraw various electoral boundaries

It is high time that some electoral boundaries were redrawn

Miramichi 53,844
Moncton—Riverview—Dieppe 89,334

Labrador 26,364
St John's East 88,002

Kootenay—Columbia 86,811
West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country 129,241

Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing 77,961
Kenora 64,291
Oak Ridges—Markham 169,645
Vanughn 154,206

Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik 80,894
Montcalm 122,825


Anonymous said...

Certainly if the ridings were redrawn before this election Harper would have had a stronger mandate.

Koby said...

I doubt it.

Of the ridings mentioned, they would have lost Labrador and not picked up any.

Anyway, the point is the hinterlands are vastly overrepresented and cities under represented. That needs to change.