Tuesday, May 03, 2011

National Unity: the Liberals failed to bring it up

"From a personal perspective, there were two low-points of the Liberal campaign. The first was when the issue of national unity was raised. For at least 40 years, this has been the Liberal Party’s bread-and-butter, our raison d’etre. We are the party of national unity. When the issue was brought up, Harper quickly wrapped himself in the flag and took on the role of Captain Canada. He intentionally decided he would own the issue and try to turn it into a strength for him and his party. We said we don’t want to discuss national unity. Pass. We wouldn’t speak out against extending Bill 101 to federally regulated industries, we wouldn’t defend the Clarity Act, wouldn’t speak out against NDP nonsense on the Constitution – that was literally verbatim from Brian Mulroney’s misguided constitutional adventures. We didn’t want to go there, had nothing to say in response. My anger over this decision was not great for my blood pressure."

Rob Silver and I are of one mind here. The Liberals needed to raise the national unity issue. This what I had said about the same two weeks ago.

English Canada: "Talk about the Clarity Act and its importance. Characterize Stephen Harper as once having been an Alberta separatist for having written the Firewall letter and Separation Alberta Style and blast Jack Layton as having abandoning the Clarity Act and supporting the extension of bill 101."


Anonymous said...

The Liberal Party hasn't been a *National Party* for a long, long time. After destroying the West, the only thing that kept them in power was all those Quebec seats - until we learned how they were stealing from taxpayers in order to bribe them.
That's not a National Party, it's a Mafia Party.

Volkov said...

This is the only thing I have ever agreed with you on.

Anonymous said...

I always find it funny that the Clarity Act is claimed as a massive liberal achievement when it was basically a revamp of the Quebec Contingency Act put out earlier by Mr. Harper.

Koby said...

I find it funny that Harper, a serial Canada basher and man who wrote an article called Separation Alberta Style, was able to pass himself off as captain Canada.

This is speaks to just how feeble the Liberal war room truly was.