Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wipe Out: Some 2011 Election Numbers

850,010 fewer people voted Liberal than in 2008

2, 783, 175 people voted Liberal. That is the Liberals lowest vote total since 1958. The population in 1958 was less than half of what it is now.

The Liberals finished below 10% in 84 ridings and two of those were in Ontario. In one riding they were below 2%.

They were above 20% in 106.

The Liberal vote was below 10% in both Alberta and Sask.

The Liberals lost a riding, Scarborough-Rouge River, that they had won by 36% in 2008. They lost 31% of the popular vote in that riding and finished 3rd!

The Liberals picked up no seats and lost 43. That said, they did hold Winnipeg North, a seat they won in a bye election in 2010.

38, 981 people voted for the Liberals in Sask., 15, 842 of them for Ralph Goodale

The Liberal knew this was coming and tried in the last week to throw the media off the trail by having Ignatieff visit Brant among others. They lost Brant by 30%.


Jason Hickman said...

In one riding they were below 2%

Out of curiousity, which riding is that?

Koby said...