Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Name the Winnipeg team

Winnipeg is getting an NHL team. They might go with Jets, but I hope they go with something that better reflects life in Winnipeg. The following are my three favorites.

1) The Winnipeg Wind Chill,
2) The Winnipeg Mosquitoes,
3) The Winnipeg Sandbaggers


The Rat said...

Manitoba Whiteout

WesternGrit said...

I honestly LOVE "Mosquitos". There are several sports teams with names like "Gnats", "Mosquitos", "Hornets", etc. Mosquitos fit in nicely with the Prairie summer lifestyle. They were also a renowned WW2 fighter - and as we know Winnipeg was the center of Commonwealth Air training (hence "Jets").

I think "Jets" is still the most appropriate. It's a "vintage" name... And you couldn't excuse NOT using the Jets name when 1/2 the people in Winnipeg, and vintage hockey nuts around the world have Jets jerseys.

bigcitylib said...

The Frozen Tundra
The Black-Flys

Anonymous said...

they've got to change the name because they'll need the revenue from all those "hockey nuts" in new jersey sales. (or new anything... as long as it sales) money drove the team out of atlanta and unless winnie wants to join atl as a team losing two franchises then they've got to keep the $$$ flowing in.