Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dion's image problem is Really Just a Policy One.

"Dion admits he's had problems as leader, so he's promising to explain himself better, stop sounding like an academic and speak more from the heart."

They are going to Gore him. They have it all wrong. He should stop trying to “speak form the heart” and start sounding more like an academic. As for being able to explain himself, he would have a much easier time if the Liberal party developed coherent policies that flowed from a set of core principles and not from focus groups, polls and worst of all what Paul Martin did. If the Liberals take the time to develop a clear policy platform, Dion’s “image problem” will all but disappear.

In particular the Liberals need to lay out a substantive critique of the merits of the Afghan mission. Right now their demand that Canada end its combat mission in February 2009 is free floating. It needs to be tethered to a critique of the mission. Worse I am suspicious that the party is playing semantics and is willing to sanction a deal with the Conservatives that would see Canadian troops stay in Kandahar, but not in a non combat role, as if this is distinction with difference. The party should note that should it sanction a longer stay in Kandahar, in no matter what role, the party base will not forgive them.

Update: CTV was wrong; it one thing to challenge an image of oneself that is not accurate and it quite another vow to be more warm and fuzzy and less "academic". I still hold to thrust of what I said though. The main obstacle is not Dion's image, but a lack of policy.


Anonymous said...

Get your head out of your a$$. This interview was one of his best, and almost every pundit agrees.

Do you even speak french?

Koby said...

What I have read subsquently has sounded much better and no I do not read or speak French. I responded to the what was printed in the CTV article. I seems I should not have put my trust in them.

Anonymous said...

I like reading your blog...could U please not say fucking --- as it is not necessary...granny

Koby said...

thanks and yes you are right. I assume the word "fucking" is still on the feed. However, I took it out before you posted. See above.