Saturday, September 22, 2007

To the Media

You should note two things.

1) GHG Intensity has been going down an average of 2% a year since 1996 well all the while GHG emissions have gone up 25%. In other words, proposing that countries set intensity based intensity emission targets that they are bound to meet anyway and which will not only fail to reduce GHG emissions but allow them to continue to go up is not a model for anything. It is political cover for those wanting to nothing.

2) It was the Bush administration that first championed emission intensity "targets" and this was only later picked up by Harper. So do not let Harper pass off an old Republican idea as a new Conservative one. An old Bush talking point is not a “bridge” to Bush.

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Anonymous said...

"The federal government's latest climate change plan is badly flawed and won't help Canada to hit its international climate change targets, its own advisory group says.

The report accuses the Conservative government of using "systematic" exaggeration, "double accounting," "not accurately reflecting" emissions reductions, "important inconsistency" and "overestimated" reductions to produce false conclusions about the effectiveness of its plan."