Saturday, September 08, 2007

Intensity Based Emissions and Globe and Mail's Gloria Galloway

Globe and Mail reporter Gloria Galloway wrote the following. In so doing, she might as well have written the Conservative press release.

“Leaders of Pacific Rim countries reached a draft agreement on climate change Saturday, a move Prime Minister Stephen Harper described in advance of its announcement as a "big, big step" toward reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.
The agreement, which does not bind countries to meeting firm goals, sketches out a blueprint for improving energy use "to slow, stop and then reverse" climate change. It was reached after big polluters, including China, signed on to the Australian-led initiative. Canada and Japan were credited with pushing the negotiations toward a successful conclusion.”

No where did she mention that the intensity of emissions has been going down an average of 2% a year since 1996 well all the while GHG emissions have gone up 25%.

Just as bad, she let Harper pass himself as some kind statesman. Getting countries to agree to a voluntary reduction in intensity targets, they are almost certain to make anyway, is not only not much of accomplishment it helps set Canada up as the ideological mouth piece of those committed to doing nothing about global warming. If successful, this can only erode our international standing and not help it.

Lastly Galloway lets Harper pass off an old Republican idea as a new Conservative one. It was the Bush administration that first championed emission intensity "targets" and this was only later picked up by Harper. However, such is the pitiful state of the Canadian media that Harper is able to again pass off an old Bush talking point as a “bridge” to Bush. The media dully recorded the Conservative message and disseminated it to an unwitting Canadian public who expect and deserve far better from papers, such as, the Globe and Mail.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Perhaps people should "flood" these papers with complaints and threats to never buy their publication again until we get some "real" reporting. Money talks and boycotts work.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Galloway married to a Liberal?

Must hurt whan a die-hard leftist apologist actually gives Mr. Harper a little credit!!!

Anonymous said...

And, Galloway's kids are supporting the Green Party - seems like this family do their own thing - which is good.

Koby said...

"Must hurt whan a die-hard leftist apologist actually gives Mr. Harper a little credit!!!"

It is obvious you do not know the first thing about the political spectrum and until you do I suggest you avoid using the word "leftist" least you again come off looking like an uneducated boob.

As for Roger Galloway, he is no longer an MP and thank god for that. A social conservative, Galloway was, among other things, opposed to SSM and opposed to the gun regristy. In other words, he was in the wrong party.

Oh yeah, he is not married to Gloria.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never thought I'd see the day someone complained about Gloria Galloway sucking up to Harper. She hates him! Every article she has ever written is always full of digs against him.

Koby said...

Yes she has written some critical pieces, but that is that is beside the point. The aforementioned piece is what is at issue.