Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Globe and Mail's Conservative Stenographers

I hope The Conservatives are paying Bill Curry and Tenille Bongoguore well for writing the most recent Conservative press release. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070925.wharpersp0925/BNStory/International/home?cid=al_gam_mostemail

Below part of Conservative new release and part of Curry and Bongoguore Conservative news release in Globe and Mail. Can you see the difference tone? I can’t see the difference tone? Maybe that is why the Conservatives have yet to issue a news release today. Curry and Tenille it seems already beat them to the punch.

“In a keynote address at the APEC Australia 2007 Business Summit today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told more than 200 business and political leaders from 21 Asia-Pacific countries that Canada’s balanced approach to reversing global warming is a model for the next international protocol on climate change.

“The growing menace of climate change is one of the most important public policy challenges of our time,” Prime Minister Harper said. “For at least a decade most Governments, including Canada’s Government, paid lip service to the issue because they were unwilling to tell the public that reducing carbon emissions will have real economic costs. We need to take action. We owe it to future generations, just as we owe them a strong and secure economic future.”

The key to a practical, realistic and effective global action plan on climate change, Prime Minister Harper said, is striking a balance between sustainable economic growth and careful environmental stewardship. The new Canadian strategy involves regulating emissions for the first time while also investing in new clean energy technologies and establishing a carbon emissions trading market that will give business the incentive to run cleaner, greener operations.


Canada back in middle on world stage, Harper says

Mr. Harper laid out his government's approach to foreign policy in extensive detail Tuesday. Addressing the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Mr. Harper said he prefers taking concrete action as opposed to unsubstantiated rhetoric.

“Success requires middle powers who can step up to the plate to do their part,” Mr. Harper said, according to a written version of Tuesday's speech.

“Success demands governments who are willing to assume responsibilities, seek practical, do-able solutions to problems and who have a voice and influence in global affairs because they lead, not by lecturing, but by example.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks to the press in New York earlier this week. (Reuters)
PM addresses Council on Foreign Relations on Canada's role on the global stage
Prime Minister Stephen Harper pushed for a 'flexible, balanced' approach to global warming Monday. Mr. Harper said the United States can't go it alone in the world and needs other countries like Canada to do their part.

“Take Afghanistan as an example,” Mr. Harper said. “Canada did not hesitate, a little more than six years ago, when terrorists hit this great city and Washington, D.C.

“The United Nations Security Council authorized military action to remove the Taliban regime, and Canada was there, immediately.”


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