Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gerard Kennedy on Politics with Don Newman

I watched Gerard Kennedy on Politics with Don Newman. today. The thrust of what Kennedy was saying was bang on, but he sounded a little harassed at times. Kennedy acknowledged that the party has not regained the trust of Quebecers, that the party has to under go a period of renewal and that much more than a fresh coat of paint is needed. Kennedy comments were in marked contrast to what Dion was saying in Crosby Ontario. Dion did acknowledge the results and took responsibility for them, but this was tempered by his frequently mentioning how “great” the Liberal Party is and how it will win the next election. Somber realism is much better sell than fake optimism.

As for the comments of former John Turner front man Ray Heard earlier in show, you can give them a miss. The comments of David Herle the day before were much more interesting. Speaking of the Tuesday show, Big City Lib and Red Tory were mentioned.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean "Gerard".

Koby said...

thanks. I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Herle and Heard - both losers. How well did Martin do with Herle's assistance and how well did Turner do with Heard's assistance - I rest my case.

I think for Heard it's payback time for what Chretien did to Turner. Dion was brought into politics by Chretien - and Heard's using him to get back.

I think Heard needs to be in a nursing home. He's dingy

s.b. said...

And what would Geraldo know about Quebec politics. What did he get 2% of the DSM vote here. What a joke. Sorry he needs to STFU.

Koby said...

SB: "And what would Geraldo know about Quebec politics."

Did you watch the interview? I assume not. He just said what is should be obvious to one and all. I lauded him for his honesty not for keen insight.

Koby said...

As for Herle, anyone who has ever read this blog knows that I was no fan of Martin and boys. However, Herle does have some interesting things to say from time to time and Tues was one such time. As for Heard, I think I made my view patently clear. I would not give this guy the time of day.