Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Alan Ferguson, Vancouver Province Columnist, takes Dictation for Tony Clement

I responded to Alan Ferguson’s reprinting of Conservative drug war propaganda thusly.

And he had to consider that a mass of studies, albeit chiefly authored by those with vested interests, has claimed a great success for Insite, where addicts shoot up illegal drugs under supervision, using clean needles.

Who has vested interests and what are these vested interests? Spit it out.

These studies claim to show that Insite has directed addicts to treatment, and prevented overdose deaths, without jeopardizing public safety and while halting the spread of HIV/AIDS.
If you have any methodological criticisms to make, I would love to read them. A good laugh is good for the soul.

A handful of doubters who dared to question these claims has drawn much
scorn from the advocates of "harm reduction" -- around whom a small industry has

Oh yes, the myth of the loan brave conservative wolf fighting against the scientific establishment with a little help from big oil and big tobacco in the case of Dr Singer or the RCMP in the case of Colin Mangham. In reality they are, of course, the apologists of ignorance in the service of the forces of reaction. History will piss on their corpse.

Many people apparently believe marijuana has already been decriminalized, although this imminent folly was mercifully abandoned when the Conservatives took power from the Liberals.
By golly I think you have plagiarized Tony Clement or perhaps you just taking diction and forget to mention him by name. Anyway, did you ever think to ask Clement what evidence he has for this belief? I will let you in on a little secret. Should the Liberal bill have passed and been enforced, it would have represented a crack down as far as Vancouver is concerned. As then Vancouver police spokesperson, Anne Drennan noted back in 2003 "in Vancouver, we very rarely arrest for simple possession of marijuana. There would have to be exigent circumstances."

You: “that no drugs are safe, no matter what we've been lulled into believing over the years.”

Tony Clement: Clement has said the new strategy would include an education program that warns young Canadians and their parents that "there are no 'safe' amounts," and no "safe drugs."

Can you see difference? I can not see the difference. What kind of Columnist parrots government talking points and treats them as if they were holy scripture? The Province does not have the best reputation as it is. What do you want to do? Do you want to see it fully morph into the second coming of Pravda? If so, keep going as you are.

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Anonymous said...

"a handful of doubters"; hmmmm.
Names, please. Credentials, please. Peer reviewed science, please.
I call bullshit. This is another one of those lazy old columnists in desperate need of a 'filler' so why not pump out a party line, it always accomplishes two things; reinforces ignorance amongst the 'faithful' incapable of thinking for themselves and, insures an invite to lunch when 'the party' needs a journalistic goon as a frontman.